Saturday, October 17, 2009


Standing alone on a mountain,
Looking at the sky,
My heart burst a bloody fountain,
And I hoped I could fly.

I jumped in the dale, glided for a while,
And suddenly fell on the sand,
I cried out to myself loud,
This is not the way I had planed.

That’s when I gave up my passion,
I gave up to fly,
But I realized, that dream was the only thing that I had,
And without passion in my life I would be sad.

I again climbed the mountain,
And decided to give it a try,
Again I fell on the rocks and hurt my legs and my hand,
That’s when all the people laughed,
And said that would have been my last strive.

Still I got up,
And scaled the mountain high,
I looked at the Sun and felt the Breeze,
They made me realise,
One should never give up,
When greatness is on your side.

I jumped from the peak,
But this time I felt I had wings,
I slithered, I soared,
I pursued my dream,
And in the finish it was achieved.

Similarly for all those people who think I may do none,
Let me tell you ‘I aint done.’

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