Sunday, November 1, 2009


Form the bunked lectures,
To being punished even after having a leg fractured.

Form the matches that we have played together,
To the catches that we have dropped because of hunger.

Form the teacher who smiled because of us,
To the teacher who cried for us.

From the fences that we illegally crossed,
To the benches that we broke.

From the tiffins that we shared,
To the girls for whom we cared,

From the moments when we stood together,
To the races in which we stood against each other.

From the books completed by the girls,
To the sports shoes that we wore for the girls.

From swollen eyes,
To swollen knees.

From the rotten grape fight,
To the times we stood for the right.

From the hand on whom we have written our girlfriends name,
To the paper in which we could not answer any question.

From the classroom windows that we had broke ,
To the sports clubs we had joined

From the fame that we have earned,
To the name that we have left behind.

My Most loved friends …… me it’s the last part

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Standing alone on a mountain,
Looking at the sky,
My heart burst a bloody fountain,
And I hoped I could fly.

I jumped in the dale, glided for a while,
And suddenly fell on the sand,
I cried out to myself loud,
This is not the way I had planed.

That’s when I gave up my passion,
I gave up to fly,
But I realized, that dream was the only thing that I had,
And without passion in my life I would be sad.

I again climbed the mountain,
And decided to give it a try,
Again I fell on the rocks and hurt my legs and my hand,
That’s when all the people laughed,
And said that would have been my last strive.

Still I got up,
And scaled the mountain high,
I looked at the Sun and felt the Breeze,
They made me realise,
One should never give up,
When greatness is on your side.

I jumped from the peak,
But this time I felt I had wings,
I slithered, I soared,
I pursued my dream,
And in the finish it was achieved.

Similarly for all those people who think I may do none,
Let me tell you ‘I aint done.’

Pretending to be blind

Why am I pretending to be blind?
Why can’t I be selfless and kind?
I ignore the,
Men fighting
Women crying
Children dying
I can’t feel for ,
The orphan who is in pain
A soldier’s sacrifice which has gone in vain
People who have died in a crash of a plane
Mother o mother you said
We are between a tornado and
Are not able to hear the Christmas bell ring
And you dreamt of a day
When the entire world would
Would be in spring
Forgive me O mother that
I could not follow the lesson that you taught me
But I commit to you
I will be what you wanted me to be
I will be selfless I will be kind
And will no longer pretend to be blind.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friend I Know

When he was 8 he heard the stories about Lala Lajpat Rai and Bhagat Singh, read about Tanaji Malusare who gave his life to win a fort for his king, for his state. The lion sacrificed himself, he wanted to do the same. Wanted to die on his feet rather than living on his knees.
Was an average student from local school, pursued some form of sport activities never was able to tell his feelings to the girl he liked and convinced himself that you love only once and he already had the love of his country, his country.
Thinks he is not old enough to buy a beer but is old enough to die for his country. Likes listening to rock music and prefers the laugh of his friend and countrymen but weeps in private when he hears their cries.
Has trouble spelling thus finds writing a blog a difficult task but can field strip a rifle in 160 sec and reassemble it in less time. Does not know what Chomsky Walter Benjamin or Stuart hall said but is very sure of the ideologies of Chandrashekhar Azad or Tilak. Can’t communicate in the best possible manner but never does he fumble while explaining the nomenclature of a gun.
He can save, take or protect many lives because he was born to do that. Feels every note of Jana Gana Mana vibrate through his body while at rigid attention and a 45 degree angle between his feet while tempering the burning desire to smack those around him who haven’t bothered to stand, remove their hands from their pocket or even stop talking.
He is a kshtriya and feels that paying his debt by giving up his life for his motherland was in his blood and is the least he can do.
INDIAN always.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Forever and Ever

It may seem silly But to u I swear,
that for you I really care.

helped me find the sun,
taught me to walk and to run,
helped me to eat a bun ,
taught me the real way of having fun.

You ,
gave me your hand when I was falling,
made me smile when I was crying,
gave me your food when I was starving,
n gave me your wings when I was not flying.

remember of the time we had together,
and assure you I will forget those never,
and when you need your friend to care,
I will be There(their) .