Sunday, November 1, 2009


Form the bunked lectures,
To being punished even after having a leg fractured.

Form the matches that we have played together,
To the catches that we have dropped because of hunger.

Form the teacher who smiled because of us,
To the teacher who cried for us.

From the fences that we illegally crossed,
To the benches that we broke.

From the tiffins that we shared,
To the girls for whom we cared,

From the moments when we stood together,
To the races in which we stood against each other.

From the books completed by the girls,
To the sports shoes that we wore for the girls.

From swollen eyes,
To swollen knees.

From the rotten grape fight,
To the times we stood for the right.

From the hand on whom we have written our girlfriends name,
To the paper in which we could not answer any question.

From the classroom windows that we had broke ,
To the sports clubs we had joined

From the fame that we have earned,
To the name that we have left behind.

My Most loved friends …… me it’s the last part


  1. loser u write well...
    just - the ending i feel was a lil abrupt.

    keep writing

  2. and Why do u have the apple, google and microsoft info widget? u interested in all this ??

  3. hey, good one jaidip

    keep blogging :)